About the SCA

The Smithfield Community Association is a not for profit organization formed to preserve the historic buildings and properties in the hamlet of Peterboro, in Madison County, New York. The main focus of our efforts are on the preservation and restoration of the building now serving as the Smithfield Community Center, and of the buildings on The Gerrit Smith Estate National Historic Landmark, including the Land Office, Barn, and Laundry. These buildings are a direct link to a time when Peterboro played a major role in the national, social and political changes that shaped our country in the mid to late 1800's.

This small upstate New York community was at the forefront in the fights for the abolition of slavery, for the equality of all people, regardless of race, and for the equality of women, including the right for women to vote. If you have an interest in local history, we would love for you to help us with our efforts. Please consider becoming a member the Smithfield Community Association. We are a completely volunteer organization. We also welcome any and all donations to help achieve our preservation goals.