SCA Mission Statement

Vision Statement

The SCA is the catalyst that makes the Gerrit Smith Estate and the community of Peterboro a destination for educators, researchers, students and history lovers to learn from the social reform movements that began in the 19th century.

Peterboro, once a mecca for reformers in the 1800’s, will once again become a gathering place and resource center for today’s students to learn about the ideas and practice of abolition, integration, women’s rights and religious freedom.

For the tourist exploring history, this tiny hamlet in central New York retains the feel of a 19th century experience, yet tells a major story in the history of our country.

Mission Statement

The Smithfield Community Association will preserve and protect the architecture of historic public buildings in Peterboro to create a space to tell the important story of Peterboro’s contribution to the social reforms of the 19th century and to insure these buildings remain open for public and educational use.